John Werner, Chief StoryWorker

My abundant curiosity and spirited imagination has served me well as a storyteller. They enable me to get to the essence of what needs to be communicated in a clear and distinct voice. I can take what may seem like a difficult or ordinary message and deliver an entertaining, informative and moving video or film.

I have enjoyed success in both the fiction and nonfiction genres; writing four feature films that have been produced including the sequel to Stan Winston’s gothic masterpiece, PUMPKINHEAD.  I’ve directed, produced and edited documentaries, specials and promotions for HBO, CNBC, NBC, SyFy, USA, Sprout, NICK.

A big focus right now is creating compelling stories for businesses. Working with CEOs, CMOs, investment bankers and private equity firms to create industrial/corporate documentaries for companies looking to improve their sales, expand operations, restructure, refinance or for sale. 

Good stories don’t just happen. I believe you need a strong point of view, great direction and purpose. The way I get to that is by partnering with my clients. Whether it’s an agency creative director, the head of marketing and sales or a network executive, the process for me is all about creative collaboration.  You should also know that I take pride in my strong project management skills and my ability to complete projects on time and on budget.


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